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Destiny Textbook Manager Training

Training sessions for Destiny Textbook Manager are held regularly on Thursdays unless otherwise noted on the registration form. All sessions begin at Noon and end at 3:00pm. They are held at the District's headquarters building on Beaudry.


Training topics include: Destiny navigation, textbook collection management, textbook circulation procedures (including fines and lost books), data reports, and District textbook policy information. Sessions are open to any LAUSD employee working in a textbook management capacity at a secondary school. Registration priority will be given to staff from schools that have already implemented Destiny but have had staff turnover. If your school has not yet been scheduled for Destiny implementation, your staff is still welcome to attend the training. Please be advised that there may be an extensive waiting period between these training sessions and implementation. Schools are generally given a separate, individualized training as part of the implementation process.

Questions regarding Textbook Manager Training may be emailed to:   email icon Joshua Schippe.

Destiny Tutorials
iLTSS presents the "How to Series" for Destiny Library & Textbook Manager.  The sequence of videos and downloadable documents are designed for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users.  The tutorials illustrate the essentials to get you started using Destiny Manager.

How to Series: Videos

Library Tutorials   Textbook Tutorials
Video icon Add Library Copies [Full Access] Video icon Library Limited Access   Video icon Add Textbook Copies to Destiny Video icon Textbook Limited Access
Video icon Catalog: Basic Search        
Video icon Create Help Desk Ticket Video icon Follett eLearning          

How to Series: Documents

Library Tutorials   Textbook Tutorials
  Acrobat Reader icon Add Library Copies [Full Access]   Acrobat Reader icon Check In [Follett]     Acrobat Reader icon Add Copies   Acrobat Reader icon Student Check-out Reports
  Acrobat Reader icon Align Library Barcodes [Full Access]   Acrobat Reader icon Check-Out Scenarios     Acrobat Reader icon Finding Surplus   Acrobat Reader icon Summer School Access [Full]
  Acrobat Reader icon Align Library Barcodes [Limited]   Acrobat Reader icon Print Patron Barcodes     Acrobat Reader icon Perform Inventory   Acrobat Reader icon Textbook Limited Access
  Acrobat Reader icon Basic Search       Acrobat Reader icon Receive Textbooks   Acrobat Reader icon Transferring Textbooks
Asset Manager Tutorials   Other
  Acrobat Reader icon Change Home Location   Acrobat Reader icon Notices [Coming Soon]     Acrobat Reader icon Create Destiny Short-cut [Explorer]   Acrobat Reader icon ITD Destiny Flow Chart
  Acrobat Reader icon Mark Assets Lost or Stolen   Acrobat Reader icon Transfers     Acrobat Reader icon Create Destiny Short-cut [Firefox]   Acrobat Reader icon Retrieve Data from Follett Portal
        Acrobat Reader icon Create Help Desk Ticket   Acrobat Reader icon Student/Parent Affidavit
        Acrobat Reader icon HTML Made Easy   Acrobat Reader icon Tiers of Accountability